Sunday, August 14, 2011


We're at Kaiser at 9:30. My IV takes 4 hours, 2000 cc, 2 bags. I only eat a spoonful now and then but must go to the bathroom every 15 minutes to release water. Hopefully, the IV will help my strength. I'm so weak, I can hardly get around. The doctor says this is a typical reaction to my FU5 kemo injection and I should feel better Sunday.

We call Donna tonight and call off our trailer camp trip up north this coming weekend. I'm much sicker tonight. Feel like giving up. Go to bed early. Too sick to answer the phone today.

So Mom and Frank must have planned a camping trip after Thanksgiving dinner. Mom's cancer treatments are finally getting the best of her. As the eternal optimist, it takes alot to make her feel like giving up. So glad I cancelled Thanksgiving dinner!

According to Wikipedia, FU5 is the acronym for the chemotherapy drug Flourouracil. It has been used to battle cancer for over 40 years. "Like many anti-cancer drugs, 5-FU's effects are felt system wide but fall most heavily upon rapidly dividing cells that make heavy use of their nucleotide synthesis machinery, such as cancer cells (other parts of the body with rapidly dividing cells include the cells lining the digestive tract)." The cells in her intestine are being rapidly destroyed. That's why everything she eats goes right through her and she is getting weaker and weaker! I hope the 2000 cc IV she got today was fluids to rehydrate her and not the toxic FU5!

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