Sunday, August 14, 2011

I Manage to Make a Pecan Pie

Wednesday November 27, 1991

No better today. I did sleep well and felt somewhat better when I first got up. I even had some scrambled egg and toast but an hour later I was in the bathroom and every 15 minutes all day. I decide not to eat to solve that. I manage to sit and stand most of the day. Frank does all the chopping and I put together turkey dressing. Later I manage to make a pecan pie.

I'm a little hungry at 8 p.m. so eat some flavored rice. It tastes good, but gives me terrible gas and pains all night. I'm up often, don't sleep well.

I feel good enough to talk on the phone today.

Looks like Mom is determined to celebrate Thanksgiving with traditional turkey and stuffing, and even pecan pie. Who is she making it for? She can't eat!

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