Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We Buy Lots of Square Dance Clothes

Thursday December 5, 1991

Up and ready to go to see Dr. Bienstock this morning. I feel great! I have lots of energy. I have cereal for breakfast. I've had only 2 loose stools since I got home. Everything is about back to normal.

We go out to lunch but I don't enjoy the chicken fettucine so eat only half. Then we go shopping and buy lots of square dance clothes. It's fun buying together. From there we go to Shirley & Jim's for a surprise visit. They are so happy to see us. We stay a couple of hours.

From there we go to Marlene's shop to visit with her and Gary and to check on our club outfits. Not ready. From there out for spaghetti dinner. It's great and I eat alot. From there to Home Club. We buy our Christmas tree too early--so what! Finally home at 10:30 still raring to go.

Hah! Looks like Mom is NOT taking the advice of her horoscope yesterday to take things at a snail's pace. Like I said, she has a very hard time taking it slowly.

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