Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Joe's Birthday Party

Sunday November 17, 1991

We have a nice scrambled egg and toast breakfast for a change of pace from cereal. I have a hard time getting going this morning. I'm really tired from dancing so hard last night. I don't ever remember dancing so hard but we really had a wonderful time.

By 12:30 we're off to Joseph's birthday party in L.A. Gary makes hot dogs and hamburgers. We enjoy the food and cake. Joe likes the sweats we give him. We enjoy everyone.

We stop at Lemona house on the way home to install another smoke alarm. Mona and Kirt are there babysitting. Mona can't stop thanking me for renting the house to Laura and Terry. There is too much furniture in the living room.

Joe is Mom's step-grandson who was adopted by my brother at a very young age. He is pictured above standing in the front row in front of his older brother Gabe in 1989. My son Justin stands in front of Mom. My sister-in-law Maria had Joe and Gabe from a previous marriage. She and my brother Gary had two more boys (twins) in 1996, so they raised a total of 4 boys. Gary and Maria had to wait to be grandparents to get a girl. They now have 3 granddaughters and 1 grandson.

The birthday party was in downtown Los Angeles at Maria's dad's house, where he and his wife raised 9 children in a small 2 bedroom house. Their family is very close and there is always some kind of celebration to attend at the Los Angeles house with so many birthdays and holidays.

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