Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mom's The Only One Not Sick

Tuesday December 24, 1991

Frank goes to breakfast in the valley with Robbie. He is home about 10:30 and is sick. He has a sore throat and aches all over. He is miserable.

We all go to the movies to see "Father Of The Bride". It's funny! We go for yogurt. Ric refuses to buy one for Justin. Chris gives Justin money to buy one. We would have done so. I'm angry at Ric. That was cruel. No reason I can see. Later Chris tells me Ric was mad at Justin because he didn't thank him for the movie. Dumb, real dumb!

We come home to relax. Chris tires easily. I make popcorn for Justin. I comment at dinner, "I'm the only one not sick and I'm supposed to be." I do feel good except for aches and pains.

I'm working hard cooking, cleaning, etc. No help at all from Chris. Thank God for my precious helpful Frank. But I enjoy doing it and having them here.

That WAS dumb AND cruel, and obviously I felt bad since I gave Justin money for yogurt. Ric and I have two teenage boys now and we give them money for the movies almost every weekend. They rarely say "thank you." I think Ric has always been easier on his biological children and harsher with Justin. No wonder Justin resents him.

This is my last entry for August 2011, my 259th entry since I began, my 40th this month. There have been 10,000 hits on my blog on the Internet since I began. I'm glad someone is looking. I am 58 years old now, the same age Mom was when she passed away. I have completed 9 months of mom's journal and have 16 months to go. I am always excited to turn the page to see what comes next. So far her days have been filled with adventure, friends and family. I know as I continue, it will become more painful to turn the page. I have enjoyed creating this legacy to leave behind to my children and to those who knew Mom.

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