Friday, August 12, 2011

A Day with Mother

Thursday November 21, 1991

Slept til 6, up and hurried to leave for mother's in Desert Hot Springs by 8 a.m. My bowl of cereal doesn't set well and indigestion and malaise set in. I manage to nap in the truck some and we arrive at Mom's in 2-1/2 hours.

She seems to be pretty much the same. Her complaints are fatigue and joint pains. Not too bad for 83 years old.

I spend most of the day lying on the couch talking with mom while Frank removes the kitchen cupboard so he can push her new stacked washer/dryer back against the wall. He does a bunch of other little fix-its for her.

Mother gives me Riopan Liquid for my gas. I eat very little this day. I feel worse and worse.

Wow, Frank is so thoughtful to drive all the way to his mother-in-law's trailer in Desert Hot Springs to do handyman chores. And in spite of feeling so awful Mom is determined to drive with him. She never did have any trouble sleeping in the car. Often when driving in the car she would be talking and then it would get real quiet. I would look over her shoulder and see she was sound asleep. To visit with her mother and have to hear about her aches and pains could not have been a pleasant day when she was feeling rotten herself.

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