Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kemo #3

Tuesday November 19, 1991

Awake at 7:12 after 8 hours of pretty good sleep. Only 2 trips to the bathroom. I still have diarrhea but my terrible indigestion is better thanks to lots of Mylanta liquid.

By 10:30 we're off to Kaiser for Kemo #3. the waiting room has few in it today but it is still 1:30 when we leave. We go to Sizzler for a nice trout lunch. We make a few stops and end up at Costco where we spend alot of money and buy a few Christmas presents. I last a couple of hours but have to go to the car and let Frank finish and check out. I'm so tired from this darn diarrhea.

At home I hear from Chris. She is sick in bed (2 days) nauseated from her 3-week pregnancy. I wonder who will really fix the Thanksgiving dinner for 20? I hope she feels better soon. So far not so good.

It sounds like the kemo treatments didn't affect her too badly, since she went out to lunch and then shopping afterwards. I wonder if they had Prilosec in 1991. That's the only thing that works for me when I have indigestion.

Yikes, Thanksgiving for 20? I don't remember who was supposed to come, but that's a pretty big crowd. My nausea started very early in my pregnancy, almost the same day I took the pregnancy test, and continued until I gave birth. I couldn't even work much less make a Thanksgiving feast. In fact, just the sight of food would make me vomit.

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