Monday, August 1, 2011

Is Mom a Shopaholic?

Friday November 15, 1991

Up early and off to meet Robbie & Dolores in Mission Hills. Robbie drives us to Dodger Stadium for the RV show. I'm fine from 10-12. I'm tired and my feet and back ache from 12-2. We have a late lunch in Glendale and then go back to their house to visit some. I'm really tired when we leave at 5 p.m. On the way to the freeway I spot a sign "Boutique". Suddenly, I'm not tired anymore. We stop to buy several gifts.

At home we relax and watch TV. By 9:30 I can't stay awake.

I'm a bit constipated lately and having hemorrhoid problems. A few odd pains here and there in my belly and especially under my ribs left side. Dolores Robinson says she has the blurred vision problem too and knows several others that have it. She says it is a migraine without the pain.

Sounds to me like Mom is a bit of a shopaholic. One minute she's exhausted, and then sees a boutique sign and gets an adrenaline rush. When I was a little girl she would take me on her shopping excursions all the time and I was bored to death. Perhaps that is why I hate to shop now. Unfortunately, I married another shopaholic, who gets a big charge out of the "great deals" he finds at thrift stores. We went to visit Solvang a few weeks ago, and I spent most of one day being drug from thrift store to thrift store in Solvang and the surrounding area. Doesn't do a thing for me except run up our credit cards. For Ric it is an adrenaline rush.

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