Friday, August 12, 2011


Wednesday November 20, 1991

Tired today. Didn't do much. Didn't sleep well last night. Still, we did manage to go to our square dance workshop and then out to dinner with all our friends. Tonight we went to Jesse Cates. I ate the salad I made at the salad bar and 1/2 my poppy seed roll and a glass of wine for a treat. I ate 2 bites of my potato and 4 bites of chicken. Took 95% home.

I think eating like this at 9:00 is too late for me. I didn't feel well and didn't sleep well at all.

My guess is that Mom didn't sleep well because she had chemotherapy the day before, but certainly eating late at night could give her indigestion and cause her to not sleep well. Digestion requires gravity to keep the stomach acids in the stomach where they are supposed to be. When I eat too late at night I often get heartburn and burp acid into my throat. Mom is eating late at night almost every time they go square dancing. How can she keep up this pace while battling a life-threatening illness?

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