Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Debby Wants a Separation

Friday December 6, 1991

We're up early and walk to Eggs & Things for breakfast omelette. Afterward we walk into Target and across to magazine store. Then I'm too tired to walk home. Frank walks home. I wait at Mervyn's for him. My high energy days are gone. I started back on my medication last night. I am looking forward to being off my medicine so I can feel really good again.

Phillip comes over to get the pink slip on the Rabbit. He gives us some bad but not surprising news. Debby wants him to move out. We talk and cry for hours. He's really glad he shared this with us. We are too. He will hold his ground for now. She should leave if she's unhappy. We go to the valley to pick up a petticoat for me. Stop and visit at Gledhill. Try to connect with Gary and Maria. Come home to eat at China Palace. Pick up a movie and come home to watch it.

Ouch, this hits home for me. My first husband told me he wanted a divorce in 1984. I waited and waited until a year went by, and he never moved out. It was a very tense year under the same roof. Finally I found a condo to buy, John bought out my share of the house, and I moved out. Would things have been different if I had not moved out? Did our 4-year-old son feel like I had abandoned him since I was the one to move? At first it was fun for him to have 2 houses to live in but after a few months it got old. He wanted me to move back home, and that's when I had to tell him I would not be moving back.

I'm glad Phillip was able to talk to Mom and Frank. Whose idea was it to "hold his ground"?

I can't believe Mom's doctor put her back on the same medication that destroyed her intestines!

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