Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Wicked Witch of the West

Sunday December 1, 1991

Boy, did I sleep good from 12-6:30 am. I had to ask for a Hepburn sleeping pill last night. I couldn't relax. I tried everything, even reading late. I was uncomfortable being in the room with the wicked Witch of the West. I sat in an empty room last night watching TV from 7-10 so as not to bother "the witch".

I had a lovely talk with Dolores in San Diego yesterday. She was so sweet.

The doctor came in at 11:30 and said I should start liquids this afternoon. He thinks I'll be fine. Hold on to your seats, here we go...

Had broth, jello, juice for lunch. It went straight through. Dinner was meat, potatoes, beans & cake followed the rest of the night. By 4:30 am it was all over but the gas.

Frank & Kathy Murphy came to visit in the afternoon and I got moved to Room 4101. Evelyn is a sweet old 74 year old. We talk alot.

I am unable to find any kind of sleeping pill by the name of Hepburn. Perhaps it is a slang term? Too bad Mom had to leave the comfort of her bed to watch TV from 7-10 p.m. It's not like that's the middle of the night!

I wonder if Frank and Kathy had something to do with getting mom moved to another room? Fortunately she got a more pleasant roommate! Looks like her intestines are not ready for food yet.

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