Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Smokey The Cat

Saturday November 16, 1991

My constipation continues with hemorroids and bleeding. Other than that I have a good day. I think my diet is to blame. I need more fruits and vegetables.

We take Smokey with us when we drive the truck out to Camping World. First he pees from fright so we come back home to clean up. Taking off again he cries and we pet and talk to him. Finally he settles down. When we get there I walk him in the dirt. He rolls and gets really dirty. He does pretty well on the way home.

At home we decide to give him his first bath. He does pretty well. After much brushing he feels like a new cat. I even used the hair dryer on him.

Dolores, Robbie, Marty & Kathy arrive and we all ride in our car to Thousand Oaks for a square dance. We have a great time! We are all really tired and leave 15 minutes early. We all go to Hudson's to eat and meet up with all our club friends.

Ok, so I have never been a cat person, but I have owned a couple of cats in my life. My one experience with driving with a cat in the vehicle was that cat screaming bloody murder all the way to the vet. We had to keep him in a carrier to prevent him from running under the brake pedal or accelerator or to keep him from scratching us in his panic. I tried to give my cat a bath once and got myself scratched up badly even though there were two humans holding him down. I figured he can clean himself; that's what all the licking is about! And using a hair dryer on a cat???? How did she manage that?

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