Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Belgian Waffles, Chili Dog & Pizza

Monday April 13, 1992

We are both awake at 5:00 a.m. (8 a.m. Miami time). After messing around awhile we decide to get up and go out to breakfast at Eggs & Things for the early bird special. It's great! Belgian waffles.

At home I clean up myself, Frank vacuums the house. It's lousy with cat hair and Smokey has peed on the couch and small segments of his poop here and there. Frank leaves to check out the empty Marvel house here in Simi and then he'll go help Gary. I go to get my nails done. Afterwards, I have a chili dog.

We order pizza in. At 7:30 we leave to go square dancing. We have a really good time. I'm surprised I don't tire at all, and I don't sweat too bad but I do blot alot between tips. Everyone is sooo glad to see us back. Afterward, we go to Hudsons Grill with Judy and Dave Dowd.

Wow, just back from a fattening cruise where she gained 10 pounds, and instead of going grocery shopping for some nutritious low-calories foods she can prepare at home, she goes out for Belgian waffles for breakfast, chili dog for lunch, and pizza for dinner. Then to top it off, they go out to a restaurant with friends after square dancing. I'm not as concerned about the calories as I am about the nutrition, or lack of it. Mom is battling cancer. She needs to give her body good fuel.

I remember how annoyed Mom and Frank would get with their cat Smokey. Whenever they left him home alone, he would "punish" them by peeing on the couch and pooping on the carpet instead of using his litter box

This webpage has a feature that shows how many people have looked at my blog. Over the last week I have watched the number approach 12,000, and today as I write, I have had 12,007 "hits" on my blog. It's exciting to know that someone is reading it, and I hope enjoying it half as much as I enjoy writing it. My blog is a tribute to my mother as well as a legacy of her life and mine I leave to my children.

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