Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bob and Anita Arrive in Miami

Saturday April 4, 1992

We are up early and ready to leave Bucky and Iny's in Key Summerland, Florida at 8 a.m. We take some pictures of their house and we're on our way to Miami via the coast route. It's a beautiful drive past lovely big estate homes and towns.

After we check into the Omni Hotel we head for the airport where we pick up Bobbie and Anita McKee arriving from Los Angeles. They are tired and excited. Frank drives us all to the hotel, then he and Bobbie take the car back to the airport and catch a NCL bus back.

We have a Chinese dinner in the mall below our hotel. It's really good and plenty. We turn in about 10:30. I'm tired but feeling good. My left heel, outside, has developed since we left home a sharp pain. Feels like it's in the bone.

It sounds like Bob and Anita were smart enough not to take the red eye flight from Los Angeles, so had a good night's sleep before boarding their plane in Los Angeles.

When I hear Mom talking about taking pictures, it breaks my heart. Frank threw away thousand of photos that Mom took during their 20 years together when he remarried and moved from Simi Valley. I would have loved to see the photos of her cousin Bucky and his wife and also of their trip to Florida and the Caribbean. Sigh....

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