Monday, January 2, 2012

Frank Is So Good!

Monday March 16, 1992

I wake up tired after 8 hours of sleep. I have a hard time getting going. Frank is so good! He takes his 4 mile walk then picks up the trailer. Though still tired, I manage to get dressed and go to square dancing. I dance most of the dances, but do sit out a couple.

I have never square danced but I imagine it is pretty good exercise. The problem is that it does not keep the heart rate up for a continuous period of 30-60 minutes. I imagine there are breaks between the songs every 5 or 10 minutes. I think the reason Frank is so energetic is because of the 4-mile walks he takes every day. As I write this I have just come home from a 3-mile hike, which I take every day that I am not taking my water aerobics class. I try to get 60 minutes of good cardio exercise every day. This is my longevity program, as well as my plan to stay healthy and get some fresh air. I have a treadmill, but I rarely use it. I would much rather get out in the fresh air and sunshine. Sometimes my husband comes along but he insists on taking our two dogs, which means we have to stop at every bush and rock. What is normally a one-hour hike becomes a two-hour hike with the dogs, and my heart rate never does get elevated when I stop every few feet for them. My Great-Grandmother Johnson walked 2 miles every day of her life until she was 100 years old. I don't know if God will bless me with 100 years, but at least I hope to enjoy good health for the ones he does give me. Walking is great exercise and something most of us can do well into our senior years. I know for sure Frank is still walking at 76 years old, and square dancing too. He is so good!

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