Monday, January 2, 2012

Our Simi Valley Tenant Gives Notice

Tuesday March 17, 1992

Frank leaves after breakfast to walk to his carving class which is 2-1/3 miles away. I feel more energetic today and change all the linens and do the wash. Later in the afternoon we go shopping. I buy some shoes for the cruise.

I get a call from our Simi Valley tenant. They are moving on April 1-6th. Not good news. We don't need a vacancy just now. Of course, there's never a good time. We'll be gone when they move so won't really know when they actually move out. We'll need to do alot of repair and cleaning. The hall ceiling must be repaired and who knows what else.

So besides being diligent about getting his walk in every day, Frank also has a hobby, which is carving and making things out of wood. Having friends, getting exercise, and having a hobby are all things that increase longevity. Frank is good at all of those.

I agree with Mom that there is never a good time for a vacancy in a rental house. We have a tenant who has given notice they are moving out this month after only staying 18 months. At the same time we are dealing with two evictions, including one that has to move this week in Sacramento. That house will require lots of work. It is one of the six houses we manage for Ric's mother. It's hard to work on a house when it is 100 miles away. It also makes it difficult to take vacations, especially longer than a week. Mom and Frank will be on a cruise when this tenant moves. I know the Simi Valley rental house was on Marvel, and although I only saw it once, I believe it was similar to the one pictured above.

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