Saturday, January 28, 2012

I'm So Tired All The Time

Friday April 17, 1992

I spend the day at home and run some errands. Frank works in the yard at the rental house and comes home worn out. We have a lovely dinner and relax at home. I make some phone calls. I'm so tired all the time. I'd probably feel better if I just forced myself to get out and walk and exercise with a video. My weight and the medicine saps all my energy. The iron pills (vitamins) I started taking on the cruise have really helped the dark circles under my eyes. Dr. Schwartz says I'm not anemic but I doubt him. He says it's OK to try Weight Watchers to lose some weight. I hope to start next week.

I agree that Mom would feel better if she forced herself to get out and walk. I try to get in an hour of exercise everyday, even if it's just a walk around town. It gives me more energy for the rest of the day. She already has a walking partner since Frank is walking 3-4 miles every day. Maybe she could start out walking just 1 mile or even 1/2 mile with Frank. Exercise would not only lift her mood and burn calories, but it would strengthen her immunity in order to battle the cancer cells in her body.

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