Thursday, January 12, 2012

We Drive Home 10 Hours on Highway 101

Wednesday March 25, 1992

I wake not feeling really great. Frank and I eat breakfast in the trailer and lightly clean up. I ache all over. Still coughing. By 8 a.m. we have said our good-byes to Chris, Justin and Ric. Chris doesn't want us to leave but we must go home to get ready for our cruise trip next week.

We drive home 10 hours on Highway 101 the coast. It's really lovely, green and flowers, but I'm feeling too ill to enjoy it. I sleep most of the way home. Poor Frank. I'm not much company. When we finally get home all I want to do is eat a little dinner and go to bed.

Ric was a poor host as usual. No coffee or food offered, but he did offer to make us 2 great tapes of music. Chris was a poor hostess, but loved having us there. She's still feeling tired and poorly.

Highway 101 down the California coast is the more scenic alternative to Interstate 5 down the central valley of California. Highway 101 rarely has ocean views until you get to Santa Barbara in Southern California, but does go through small towns and is prettier than I-5 which is straight, flat, and boring. It only takes 8 hours to get to Simi Valley on I-5 though, vs. 10 hours in Highway 101. That's a long tiring drive to pull a fifth wheel trailer. Frank must have been exhausted. It sounds like Mom's cough was taking a toll on her.

I'm certain I was not a good hostess and I'm surprised I even agreed to their visit, after just having my appendix removed a few weeks earlier, and having such horrible nausea still from my pregnancy. I was one of the rare percentage of women who suffers from nausea the whole 9 months. I was even throwing up on the delivery table! Talk about not being good company!

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