Thursday, January 12, 2012

Shopping for Maternity Clothes

Tuesday March 24, 1992

We believe Ric's mom is still in the condo so we eat our breakfast and shower in our trailer. Later we find out Ric's mom Carmen left at 6 a.m.

We go shopping at K-Mart and I buy Chris 2 maternity tops and one matching pants. That's her birthday gift as her birthday is April 9 while we're cruising.

I'm coughing today. Just a cough.

Frank and I drive Justin to his baseball practice in Windsor. He thinks we're great to stay and watch. We visit with John a bit. He's really glad to see us. He's retired now from Pacific Bell and planning to go into business for himself.

Frank and I buy food for dinner and fix it. A bit strange. Chris' friends stop by to meet us and check on Chris. They're nice.

As I said on yesterday's post, Carmen was and still is an early riser. She goes to bed early and is up and out the door to beat rush hour traffic through Marin County as she works at Kaiser in San Rafael.

That was nice of Mom and Frank to watch Justin's baseball practice. John, my ex, did indeed retire early from the phone company and had his own landscaping company for awhile. Now he sells trucks at a commercial dealership in Healdsburg.

Not sure why Mom and Frank prepared dinner or whether it was for all of us or not. What I do know is that at 5-1/2 months pregnant I was still suffering from severe nausea and just the sight of food would make me puke. I mostly got by on soda crackers and 7-Up during my pregnancy. I guess that's why I hadn't bothered to buy maternity clothes. I just didn't feel well enough to leave the house! Besides, I didn't need many clothes to lie in bed. I can't believe we actually shopped at K-Mart! How I detest that store! I cannot believe they are still in business with discount megastores like Walmart and Target attracting their customers.

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