Saturday, January 14, 2012

Now I'm Sick From the Codeine

Friday March 27, 1992

Awake at 4:15 a.m. aching all over. Unable to get back to sleep I take 2 Tylenol. Fifteen minutes later still awake, I decide to take a teaspoon of cough medicine with codeine. I rest with less pain but not deep sleep. At 6:45 I get up, dress and go downstairs. I am light-headed so eat some oatmeal and orange juice. Now I'm nauseous too. I remain too sick to get off the couch until noon. I am sick from the codeine. I forgot codeine makes me very ill. I manage to eat a good lunch but remain weak and light-headed.

At 3 p.m. Frank gives me a perm though I still feel awful. About 5 p.m. I feel well enough to sit and pay the bills.

God answered my prayer. My cold is gone when I wake up. The cough lingers.

Mom calls to say Frank's Uncle Ricky died this morning at 3:30. I'm so sorry.

I just hate that feeling of being sick and exhausted, and just when I need sleep the most, it eludes me, usually because of a nagging cough. Too bad the codeine made Mom feel even worse. Smelling perm solution for an hour or so while fighting off nausea sounds like a losing battle. Why did she decide to do it today?

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