Thursday, January 26, 2012

Treadmill Test

Wednesday April 15, 1992

Income Tax Filing Day.

We're up and off to Kaiser Woodland Hills, no breakfast for me. I'm having a treadmill test. I didn't sleep well from 4 a.m. Don't know why. Maybe concern about the treadmill test. I pass the test great! No clogged arteries so my chest pain is not my heart. Last night after climbing the stairs and putting on my gown my upper chest, shoulders and arms to the elbow tightened in pain. I layed down, Frank got my nitroglycerin, I put one under my tongue and in about 5 minutes it was over.

Next I saw Dr. Swartz. He checked all my lymph nodes. Though my white blood count was only 2.9 he decided to give me "5 FU" chemo injection. Normal is 10. I must really be careful not to get germs from anyone. My resistance is soooo low.

We go out to lunch, go to Costco, bank, etc and Marvel house. They finished moving out today finally.

We have dinner, I make some phone calls and fall asleep on the couch about 9 p.m.

I have never had a treadmill test, but I imagine I would be a little nervous about it too and perhaps lose some sleep. I'm surprised she was not supposed to have breakfast before the test. It sure does sound like her symptoms just the night before were heart disease of some kind. I wonder if having a low white cell count would account for her fatigue or perhaps even her chest pains?

I had to laugh out loud when Mom says she has to avoid getting germs from anyone because of low resistance and then goes right out to run errands around town. Does she think that anyone with germs will be home in bed?

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