Monday, January 23, 2012

Lobster and Baked Alaska

Saturday April 11, 1992

I awake. Frank is up. It's 8 a.m. I feel I could sleep 2 more hours but I get up. Frank goes to breakfast at The Red Apple and later brings me ham, bacon, eggs, OJ, rolls and juice, plus banana and grapefuit. No help on eating light from Frank. Frank takes his usual 3-4 mile walk and we meet in the Cabaret Lounge for debarkation talk and stay for Bingo. Then we go to lunch.

In our cabin I write in the journal and then head up to do some sunbathing even though I'm not supposed to sunbathe. I get a little red in a short time. I have 6 attacks of chest pain in the afternoon. Aches alot 1-2 minutes.

Frank has held his weight. I feel and look 10 pounds heavier. Lobster and baked Alaska for dinner. The dance and song review is great at 9:15. We're packed and ready to go home and looking forward to it.

With 3 huge meals per day, including this night's lobster and baked Alaska, no wonder Mom gained 10 pounds. From what I have heard about cruising, that is actually a typical weight gain. Kudos to Frank for keeping up with his 3-4 mile walks. Assuming they were on the Norwegian Pearl, the length of the ship was 965 feet, so he could easily get his miles in on the deck or on a treadmill. Assuming the deck is not too crowded, I would much rather walk outside and enjoy the view.

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