Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Florida Keys

Wednesday April 1, 1992

Landed in Miami 6:30 a.m. very tired. Slept very little sitting up on the plane. Four-hour flight, maybe slept one hour. We pick up our rental car and have breakfast at Denny's. The car has a broken tail light so we go back to get another car. The 3-hour drive south through the Florida Keys is very pleasant but I cannot stay awake. I sleep off and on all the way. About 10:30 Frank finally pulls off to nap a bit. We both sleep soundly. We arrive at Bucky and Inys after lunch at 1 p.m. Their home is lovely. They have a canal at the back of their home where their boat is docked. They have 3 bedrooms upstairs. We sleep downstairs in a bedroom with bath, TV, phone. Nice.

We have a fabulous lobster tail dinner, 7 of them--huge! They catch them near here. We go to bed early.

My cold is pretty good except sore throat.

Wow, only 4 hours from Los Angeles to Miami? That's a quick flight. As I suspected yesterday, Mom and Frank were not able to sleep on the plane. One thing she was always able to do though, was sleep in the car. I can remember so many times I would be in the back seat, and Mom was a passenger in the front seat with Frank driving. She would be talking away, when suddenly it would get quiet. I would look over the top of the seat and she was sleeping. Still, I am surprised that they were able to sleep soundly in the car (on the side of the road?) to take a nap. Otherwise, I'm sure they would not have been good company when they arrived at her cousin Bucky's. That lobster dinner sounds fabulous. It sounds like a beautiful place to live. That is one place I would like to visit before I die, but it would have to be in the winter. The furthest south I have been on the east coast was Virginia, and it was stifling hot there in July. Florida would be much worse with the humidity and heat.

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