Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Key West

Thursday April 2, 1992

Slept wonderfully well with the door closed, fan on low and a sheet and blanket over us. I did alot of sweating while getting ready but no more than at home. The day temp is 70 degrees and 60 at night. Very comfortable for me who cannot tolerate heat and humidity. By 10 a.m. we're all on our way to Key West In Bucky's Astro van. He and Iny do a wonderful job of showing us all of Key West. It's a wonderful place, alot like Hawaii.

We have a great dolphin sandwich with conch fritters and squid rings as appetizers. We saw Hemmingway's house and Tennessee Williams' home. For dinner we had Cuban food. The only thing familiar was the pork roast. Fried bananas (Petina), yellow rice, black beans, yucca (like potatoes) and Cuban tamales.

We walked on the beach, took a walk through a natural park, and finally arrived home at 10 p.m., feeling good. My cold is just a cough now. No more sore throat.

Sounds like Mom and Frank are not suffering from jet lag at all, and had a great day exploring Key West. For the first time in 20 years, Ric and I visited Hawaii last year and I had the worst jet lag after coming home, flying from west to east. The opposite direction was no problem, but losing 3 hours on the flight home seemed to make it worse when back in California. What a wonderful host Mom's cousin Bucky was, and what an adventure to explore the local cuisine!

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