Sunday, January 22, 2012


Friday April 10, 1992

We dock in Cozumel about 9 a.m. I sleep til 9:30. Frank brings me my breakfast in the room. We go ashore after lunch to shop. We share a cab with Bob and Anita for $3.00. We find a couple of cute dresses for Sara and one for Taylor. A Mexican blouse for me.

We are back on board for dinner at 6 p.m. Allen and Ida never seem to like what they order and order something else. The waiter puts their dinner in the garbage box. I'm very tired from shopping so after dinner we go ashore for a little more shopping, then up to Oscar's bar where Frank has a cappuccino coffee. We're in bed by 11:30.

What? They didn't even bother to see the sights at either Grand Cayman or Cozumel. If I hired a taxi I would have him drive me around to show me the beaches and the Mayan ruins. Maybe they had already been to the Western Carribean? I definitely would not have spent my time shopping at the numerous souvenir shops near the cruise ship ports. When we visited Alaska in 2001 we would leave town whent he cruise ships came in because thousands of tourist would inundate the areas near the ports. I guess that's why we have never tried a cruise. Too many crowds!

Sounds like Mom got to sleep in after their late night. Too bad they were stuck with such finicky travellers at their dining table.

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